Updated 12/24/2019

The purpose of this site is to show the world that Kolin Deshazo is a fraud, a thief and a scammer.

He’s stolen from friends, and those who have trusted him. He is scum of the earth.

On our blog you’ll find stories of those he’s scammed, and other incriminating articles. Our hope is that you’ll find this before you’re lured in like the stories on our page.

Feel free to comment, you don’t have to worry about your comments or accounts being blocked. We believe in freedom of speech and want to give everyone a place to voice their thoughts.

I’ve been financially impacted by Kolin and he’s since he’s been able to slip through the fingers of the law. I’ve had no other choice but to take to the internet and show the world what he’s done. Due to his quick temper and panache for violence I choose to remain anonymous.


I found Kolin through the Coin Chasers based in Springdale Arkansas. I joined his group and was conned into giving him both my time and money. He led me to believe that he had the ‘secret sauce’ for “making tons of cash” in the crypto currency space. The only one who made any money from what I can see his Kolin himself.

As time went on in the group I started seeing a trend: He’s promise something, then come up with excuse after excuse as to why he was unable to fulfill that promise.


He lies, he steals and he cheats. He’s a womanizer and a con-artist. Kolin Dehsazo should never be trusted.


Kolin’s background should have been investigated more thoroughly, if I would have simply searched for his name I’d have been keen to the con. Don’t let yourself be fooled like me and others.


Coinfinitive+ is another scheme founded by Kolin Deshazo

Kolin has started a new group: Confinitive+ (https://www.coinfinitiveai.com/) (https://www.facebook.com/COINFIN/) don’t fall for it!

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